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Sale IPhone/Samsung

Buying a refurbished Mobile.
KiwiMobiles refurbished mobiles represent excellent value. Buy an IPhone or Samsung at one third of the price of new.
You will not be able to tell a “scratch-less” refurbished mobile with a new battery from a new phone. Our refurbished mobiles come with a new charger.

Most new IPhone and Samsung mobiles in New Zealand are bought with a network contract. This is a very expensive way to buy. The mobile is not “free”. You pay by having an expensive telephone contract.
An Unlocked refurbished mobile means you can go onto any network and take advantage of low cost rate plans saving you hundreds of dollars.
Best of all, our unlocked refurbished mobiles will work internationally on any network. The savings can be huge.

Where do refurbished mobiles come from?
Overseas many large corporates change their mobiles every year. These almost new phones make the best refurbished mobiles.
If the screen is scratched it is replaced. A new battery fitted. New accessories supplied. We only source from reputable suppliers.

• Mobiles that are “locked” to a network.
• “Refurbished” mobiles that are clever fakes.
• Even when the phone is genuine the battery may be fake.
• Stolen. Every week someone comes into Budget Computers with a mobile that has locked because it is stolen. Such mobiles are worthless.
• Useless warranties. Many websites even ones with are foreign. The warranties can prove worthless.
• Lengthy delivery delays. We hear of people waiting over six weeks for delivery. We aim to deliver within two working days.
• If the phone is too cheap, there is a reason.

• From a genuine New Zealand company – one that has a New Zealand retail outlet you can physically visit, with a New Zealand address and phone number. The Budget Computer chain who services our phones has over twenty years of trading.
• Check to the Trade Me rating is. Ours is AAA
• Make sure there is a New Zealand warranty for at least three months AND REPAIRS ARE DONE IN NEW ZEALAND. Even leading retailers send repairs to Asia. Waiting six weeks to get your mobile repaired is no fun.
• Check to see if they offer real after sales service.

Only buy an Unlocked phone
It can cost more than you paid for a phone to unlock it. Stolen mobiles cannot be lawfully unlocked.

Our Kiwi Mobile guarantee

We specialize in refurbished IPhone and Samsung but also refurbish other top brands.
We only sell “unlocked” refurbished mobiles.
Our technicians inspect every refurbished mobile. Our buyers reject refurbished mobiles that are defective in any way.
All parts are genuine.
Every mobile has a three month New Zealand warranty from Budget Computers Rotorua. Our repairs are often done in one day. If the mobile cannot be repaired we will replace it. Just send the mobile back. If it is a warranty issue we will pay the courier costs. See our website for warranty conditions.
We provide New Zealand’s best smartphone repair after sale service even after the warranty has expired.
All mobiles for sale on either or our repair site and are for display at Budget Computers 1191 Eruera St, Rotorua. You are welcome to call and inspect.


Sale IPhone/Samsung