Our Story


A telecom engineer, Muhammad Asif, came to Rotorua seeking a better life for his family.  He opened a repair shop Budget Computers and Mobiles.  Muhammad noticed that his customers came in with the same repairs, scratched screen, water and shock damage.  “These are manufacturing flaws.  I think I can design a better smartphone“.  He showed his prototype to a customer, Hon Richard Prebble, the former Minister.

This is the best mobile I have ever used” said Richard Prebble.  “You must manufacture“.  They became partners and formed Information and Communication Services Limited, (ICS) that owns the Kiwi Mobile brand.

Eight models later and ICS produced the Kiwi Mobile Ranger VX finder, the world’s best rugged smartphone with extended signal, long life battery and satellite GPS.

Today ICS works with leading mobile phone manufactures to provide the best value mobile phones suitable for the New Zealand conditions.  Every Kiwi Mobile is quality tested and comes with a New Zealand warranty.

ICS will not sell mobiles locked to one network provider.  Most Kiwi Mobiles are dual SIM designed to work anywhere in the world; have better battery life; good cameras and often have more features and are half the price of brand name mobiles in their class.

ICS ambition is to make Kiwi Mobiles a global brand.