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The Kiwi Mobile brand is owned by Information and Communication Services Limited, ICS, the New Zealand telecommunications firm. We also own FreeVee an internet phone company providing quality lowest cost calling App to over 148 countries. see www.freevee.co.nz.

ICS supplies a range of telecommunication services see www.icsservices.co.nz

ICS grew out of the Budget Computer chain. See https://smartphonesrepair.co.nz

Customers complained that even top brand mobiles had faults like getting water damage, poor signal and lack of battery power. We set out to design that would remedy all these faults. The Kiwi Mobile Ranger was the result – which we believe are the best commercial rugged mobiles anywhere. The new Ranger has been a huge success. We have continued to develop the Ranger. The Ranger W-T is the best in its class and is also a 10k walkie – talkie.

In response to customer requests we have developed Kiwi Mobiles to meet particular needs – K X -PRO is the best smartphone camera on the market, 21 pixel and four cameras. The Ranger scanner combines a rugged smartphone with a scanner to be NZ’s best value rugged scanner.

Kiwi Mobiles have a number of features:

Dual Sim: Saves your money as you can be on two network plans.

Unlocked: Our mobiles can join any network around the world.

Camera: Kiwi Mobiles have good cameras. The K X – PRO is the world’s best smartphone camera.

Battery: Kiwi Mobiles have the long lasting battery in their price range.

Value: Kiwi Mobiles have features only found on mobiles that are up to three times the price.
Warranty: The best warranty in New Zealand. All Kiwi Mobiles have our 12 month warranty. Within 7 days we repair or replace. We do not send phones overseas for repair.

New Zealand Company. We are just a phone call away.

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