The Refurbished Smartphones site is owned by Information and Communication Services Limited, ICS, the New Zealand telecommunications firm.  We own the KiwiMobiles brand of rugged mobiles designed in New Zealand.  We also own FreeVee an internet phone company providing quality lowest cost calling App to over 148 countries see

ICS supplies a range of telecommunication services see

ICS grew out of the Budget Computer chain. See

Customers, at least two a week, come into the Budget Computer store with refurbished mobiles they have bought off websites complaining that they do not work.  We check the serial numbers and discover the phones have been locked.  This usually means they are stolen and we cannot unlock.  We refer customers back to the seller and are advised the website will not respond.  The “warranty” turns out to be useless.

Customers have asked us to source reliable factory refurbished mobiles.  As we have been in telecoms for over twenty years this is something we can do.

Refurbished mobiles from a reputable trader are very good value, a top brand at often one third the price.

Our technicians check every mobile before we buy and before we sell.  We offer a full New Zealand warranty.  We do not send faulty phones overseas for repair.  We aim to repair within seven days.  If we cannot repair a fault we will offer you a comparable phone as a replacement.   New Zealand’s best-refurbished warranty.

Out of warranty, we offer New Zealand’s best smartphone repair services.  Just courier your mobile to us, we will give you are a free quote.  If it is within the warranty we will repay the courier costs.   We believe we are faster and cheaper and we can often repair mobiles that other shops claim are irreparable.

We not only are a New Zealand company we have a store, 1192 Eruera St,  Rotorua and you are free to inspect our range of refurbished phones.  We specialise in iPhone and Samsung but stock some other models too.

We are just a phone call away. Ph 07 3477044

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