General Information

  1. Who is selling?
  2. A. This is an Information and Communication Services Limited (ICS) website. Refurbished Mobiles are also available at Budget Computers NZ Ltd, Established for 9 years. Stores in Hamilton, Tauranga & Rotorua. We also sell on Trade-Me.
  3. Can I have confidence?
  4. Yes. 90-day (3 months) warrantee on all refurbished phones.
  5. For brand new products, 1-year local New Zealand Warrantee

AND Our famous 7- day repair or replace pledge that no other retailer can match. If your refurbished mobile fails, we will repair or replace with a similar model. (Water Damage, any physical impact, scratch on screen, using wrong voltage power plug, any third-party software, which affect OS, phones/laptops open by third party during warrantee period, does not come under warranty)

AND We have 100% trader satisfaction on Trade-Me.

  1. Why are our prices so reasonable?
  2. A. We source refurbished phones ourselves and do our own checks. You are in effect buying wholesale. .


When a mobile is locked it means the phone can only use that network and will not work on other telco networks. Locked phones often will not work when you travel overseas. The customer is often also locked into a telephone contract. No telco “gives” you a phone. When a telco offers you a free or reduced cost mobile it is a sign you are paying for your phone plan.


An un-locked mobile means the phone will work on any network, in NZ, Spark and Vodafone networks. This means you can use the best deals, usually Skinny for Spark network and 2 Degrees for Vodafone and save the cost of the mobile in a few months.

Our refurbished phones are all unlocked. Your phones will also work on overseas networks so you can take your phone overseas.

  1. What about shipping?
  2. Unless it says otherwise, we aim to deliver, your order in 3 working days. If that model is overseas then delivery will take 10 t0 15 days. The extra time is so are technicians in New Zealand can check every mobile before delivery. Note Chinese New Year, this year in February, there can be delay in your order if the model is coming from overseas.

We offer free shipping anywhere in New Zealand. If there is a fault or mis-description we will repay the cost of return courier.

Model Information

We only sell top brand refurbished mobiles mainly IPhones and Samsung.

  1. What accessory comes with the mobiles?
  2. All our refurbished phones/Laptops come with a charger/power adopter, the new products in a factory box and new accessories, USB cable, charger and ear piece.


Service Information


You can email us at info@kiwimobiles.co.nz, or complete the form on the Support page on our website, or give us a ring on 07 3477044.Your questions will be promptly dealt with by our Rotorua based technicians.

  1. What does the warranty cover?
  2. The warranty is set out in full on our Terms & ConditionsPage. We meet international smartphones warranty standards. Best of all this is a local NZ warranty and repairs are not sent overseas.
  3. Are spare parts available?
  4. Yes all spare parts available. We do not send our phones overseas to repair.
  5. What will happen if my refurbished Mobile develops software or hardware fault?
  6. These top brands are very reliable but if a warranty fault develops in either software or hardware simply return the phone to us and we will fix the phone within seven working days or replace the phone with a similar phone. We offer New Zealand’s best refurbished mobile warranty service.

Note. You can return the phone by courier and we will courier the repaired phone or replacement to you, at our cost.

We do not accept warrantee claims for a broken charging port, ware damage, scratched screens or willful damage but we do accept manufacturing faults.

  1. What if I have an issue outside the 90 day (three month) warranty?
  2. We will still service a refurbished mobile as a repair outside the 3 month warranty. Our usual charges will apply. You can send the phone to us by courier and we will phone or email with a quote for repair and the courier cost. We have customers all over New Zealand. Our repair costs are usually less than half what customers have been quoted.
  3. What about repairs for faults not covered by warranty?
  4. Faults not covered by warranty generally fall into two categories

1/ Irreparable damage. Crushing your phone or dropping it. .

2/ Scratching. However we can still fit a new screen. We will give a quote – much lower than retail stores.

While our standard phones are not warranted against liquid damage we can often repair water damage that other retailers say is irreparable. Just return for a repair quote.

  1. Warranty and after sales services.
  2. A. If any our refurbished smartphones develop a fault within 90 days (3 months) of purchase we will repair in 7 working days. If we cannot repair the phone in 7 working days we will replace the phone with a similar model. If the Phone is not repairable and it has a manufacturing fault, we will replace the phone with a similar refurbished phone.

Note: If a fault not covered by warranty occurs if the phone can be fixed we will repair and charge for parts and labor. Being a New Zealand firm we are always available to answer any queries you may have.