General Information

Q.Who is selling?

A. This is an Information and Communication Services Limited (ICS) website. Kiwi Mobiles are also available at Budget Computers NZ Ltd, Established for 8 years.Stores in Hamilton, Tauranga &Rotorua. We also sell on Trade-Me.

Q. Can I have confidence?

A. Yes. One-year warrantee on Kiwi Mobiles all models.

AND Our famous 7- day repair or replace pledge that no other retailer can match.

AND You have a 7 day trial with the right to return for a full refund.

AND our pledge to beat by 10 percent the price of any comparable mobile phone in any retail store.

AND We have 100% trader satisfaction on Trade-Me

Q. Why are our prices so low?

A. Kiwi Mobiles are the lowest priced mobiles for four reasons.

First.A significant proportion of the price of expensive smartphones is for the brand.

Second.We design with our own engineers using open source Android here in New Zealand.

Third.We contract manufacture in China using quality parts and reputable factories.We cut out all middlemen costs and pass the saving on to you.

Fourth.Kiwi Mobiles are not available in stores so you are buying at the wholesale price.

Q.What is your 10 percent pledge?

We are confident that Kiwi Mobiles are the best value mobile phones.

If you find a mobile phone from any retail outlet with comparable features, screen size, Ram, G, warranty, etc that is cheaper we will beat the price by 10 percent.Just send us the evidence of the sale price.


Dual SIM means you can use two SIM cards at the same time and receive incoming calls for both of them. This is a great feature for frequent travelers or having a work and personal number.

It is also means you can be on the Spark network, (Spark and Skinny) and on the Vodafone network (Vodafone and 2 Degrees).The reason most people’s phone bills blow out is the expensive network usage charges to call from one network to another.By using a Spark network SIM just for Spark network calls and a Vodafone SIM for Vodafone network calls you avoid expensive network usage charges.It is the reason the telcos do not like dual SIM mobiles.


When a mobile is locked it means the phone can only use that network and will not work on other telco networks.Locked phones often will not work when you travel overseas.The customer is often also locked into a telephone contract.No telco “gives” you a phone.When a telco offers you a free or reduced cost mobile it is a sign you are paying too much to call.


An un-locked mobile means the phone will work on any network, in NZ, Spark and Vodafone networks.This means you can use the best deals, usually Skinny for Spark network and 2 Degrees for Vodafone and save the cost of the mobile in a few months.

Kiwi Mobile phones also work on overseas networks so you can take your phone overseas, buy a local SIM at the airport, keeping a NZ SIM in the phone and avoid expensive overseas charges.

Q. What about shipping?

A. We offer flat shipping anywhere in New Zealand. If there is a fault or mis-description we will repay the cost of return courier.

Model Information


Currently you have three choices

Kiwi Mobile Freedom is our lowest cost.5” screen and less ram, so it has less memory and is not as fast.It is a full featured smartphone and will suit most users – best value.

Freedom 4 G has more ROM, RAM ie processing and memory.If you have a lot of data use, this is your phone.

Freedom “Limited Edition” 6” HD. Has more ram than the basic Freedom and a large high definition screen.Ideal for watching movies, U-tube clips etc.It is a limited edition because we have done a limited run to test demand.

Q. Which Ranger should I purchase?

You have two choices.

Ranger VX finder.We believe this is the best rugged phone in the world.It has an extended cell signal. GPS locator.

5 km walkie –talkie.You should not go to sea or in the bush without it.

Ranger VX Compact This is a lower cost version, without the walkie-talkie function or the extend cell phone range but still has GPS locator.Ideal for builders, farmers, outdoor workers.

Q. What accessory come with the mobiles?

A. All our phones come in a factory box, USB cable, charger and ear piece.

Q. Which OS in Kiwi Mobiles?

A. Android OS in all Kiwi Models.

Q. Is Kiwi Mobiles Compatible with 3G/4G and LTE?

A. All our Models are compatible with 3G. Our latest models are compatible with 4G/LTE technology.

Q. Is Kiwi Mobiles compatible to download APPs from Google play?

A. Yes Kiwi Mobiles are compatible with Google play Apps.

Q. Is Kiwi Mobile compatible with Hot Spot Features?

A. Yes our all models are compatible with Hot Spot.


Service Information


You can email us at info@kiwimobiles.co.nz, or complete the form on the Support page on our website, or give us a ring on 07 3477044.Your questions will be promptly dealt with by our Rotorua based technicians.

Q. What does the warranty cover?

A. New Zealand’s best smart phone warranty. The warranty is set out in full on our Terms & Conditions Page.We meet international smartphones warranty standards.

Q. Are spare parts available for Kiwi Mobiles?

A. Yes all spare parts available at Kiwi Mobiles store.We do not send our phones overseas to repair.

Q. What will happen if my Kiwi Mobiles develops software or hardware fault?

A. Kiwi Mobiles are very reliable but if a warranty fault develops in either software or hardware simply return the phone to us and we will fix the phone within seven working days or replace the phone with a new phone.We offer New Zealand’s best warranty service.

Note. You can return the phone by courier and we will courier the repaired phone or replacement to you, at our cost.

We do not accept warrantee claims for a broken charging port but we do accept claims if a Ranger phone suffers water damage – that should not happen.

The Ranger cannot be scratched or damage without willful actions and such willful damage is not covered.

Q. What if I have an issue outside the 12 month warranty?

A. We will still service a kiwi mobile as a repair outside the 12 month warranty.Our usual charges will apply.You can send the phone to us by courier and we will phone or email with a quote for repair and the courier cost.We have customers all over New Zealand.Our repair costs are usually less than half what customers have been quoted.

Q. What about repairs for faults not covered by warranty?

A. Faults not covered by warranty generally fall into two categories

1/ Irreparable damage.Crushing your phone.If you drive a tank over it even a Ranger will break. Its irreparable damage.For Ranger phones our warrantee cover damage caused is the usual use of the phone eg dropping it.

2/ Scratching.Our Ranger Phones are fitted with gorilla glass.Scratching requires a deliberate action such as an electric drill and you will not be covered. However we will still fit a new screen. We will give a quote – much lower than retail stores.

While our standard phones are not warranted against liquid damage the Ranger phones are guaranteed not to suffer liquid damage for being submerged up to 100 feet.Just return for repair or replacement.


Q. Warranty and after sales services.

A. If any our smartphone develops a fault within 12 months of purchase we will repair in 7 working days.If we cannot repair the phone in 7 working days we will replace the phone.If the Phone is not repairable and it has a manufacturing fault, we will replace the phone with a new phone.

Note: The warrantee on our standard Kiwi Mobiles does not cover liquid or damage from dropping.The Ranger Phones do cover water/dust and dropping. Willfully setting out to damage the phone is of course not covered as is the use of the wrong charger or the use of non-standard accessories with the phone If a fault not covered by warranty occurs if the phone can be fixed we will repair and charge for parts and labor. Being a New Zealand firm we are always available to answer any queries you may have.

Q.How does the 7 day trial work?

A. We hope you will find your Kiwi Mobile great value but to allow you to buy with confidence we offer New Zealand’s best guarantee of satisfaction. if you any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase for 10 days after purchase, allowing 3 days for delivery, you can simply notify us you wish to return the mobile for a full price refund.If the reason is a fault or a mis-description we will refund your courier costs too. (See our shipping and returns conditions)